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Bathroom Installations

Finding trustworthy fitters to install and fit your bathroom can be hard. That's why we provide our very own specialist installation service. You can take advantage of our bespoke workmanship and set-price quotes. We guarantee to make certain the entire procedure runs smoothly from beginning to end.

We offer the assurance of our warranty. We will follow up to guarantee you’re completely pleased with both our products and services. We count on the quality of our ceramicware, which has a lifetime guarantee. We want you to be satisfied in the choice you make now and in the future.

Our installation team are one of the best in South London. We can create a bespoke bathroom which meets your every requirement. We are specialist tilers experienced in all products from marble to handmade tiles. We aim to create a flawless installation whilst our carpenters could handcraft items to tailored specifications.

Aquafix Bathroom Design offer a one-stop solution. Our bathroom projects can offer a full variety of in-house services. This includes pipes, building and electric work. All
electrical contractors are fully qualified. These support the bathroom installation and
will ensure your work flows smoothly and on time. We always aim to make the minimal disruption and leave your property clean and tidy following our visit.

We are trustworthy multi-skilled tradesman team. We offer more than 15 years of experience in residential and industrial renovation. Our team believe in providing nothing but the best service to our customers. We cover all types of jobs from small repairs to full residential property refurbishments. No work is too big or small.

Our work comes with a complete 12 month guarantee and visits are made at the best time to suit the client.

Bathroom Renovations

The average cost of a brand-new bathroom is around £3,000. However, this could differ widely depending on the work involved. Are you starting from scratch, changing an existing suite or doing the service a DIY basis. The cost will also effect level of quality you want.

Although some contractors market complete collections for under £2,000, it is not always clear what the package includes. Be sure to find out before parting with any cash.

Refurbishing your bathroom is an excellent investment. This adds luxury to your bathing experience and value to your home. Nonetheless, taking on a task such as a bathroom improvement by yourself can be tricky. It could take a long time and expenses can spiral out of hand.

From conception to completion, we are here to assist and advice every step of the way. If you want to us to remodel your bathroom, you could rest assured that you're in good hands. We'll renovate your bathroom to your selected design and specifications.


From streamlined and contemporary to traditional, classic layouts, we'll create your desired bathroom. All our bathroom improvement work is assured for a minimum of one year. When you are budgeting for your new bathroom, remember the extras. Ceramic tiles, towel warmers, lights and frames for bathrooms need to be included in the budget. Don't forget labour costs either. A plumbing technician needs to be able to retrofit a bathroom in 2 or 3 days, in addition to removing the old one. This would cost around £1,000.

For the floor tiles, a small bathroom would take 1 to 3 days and price between £350 and £800. These costs will vary depending on the tiles and style you request.