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Welcome To
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Wetroom Bathroom Design Services

Wet room installation includes creating a channel in the floor to allow water to drain away. The floor needs to be sloped, and the entire room needs to be tanked so that it is fully waterproofed. The installation needs to include water drainage, waterproofing and tile design options.

The best part about a wetroom is that you can create a bespoke design to suit your individual tastes. You can choose whether your shower valves are concealed or exposed. Some modern country bathroom designs look good with exposed valves. These are also easier to install. However, concealed pipework offers a sleek modern look and is a very popular option. Do you want a fixed shower head or do you want the option of a handheld shower? A fixed showerhead may be inconvenient as you will be getting your hair wet every time that you use it.


Wet Room Design Ideas

Ever since the modern tanking system was developed, wetrooms have become popular in many homes, hotels and businesses. Adding a walk-in shower means that you have lots of space compared to a standard shower.

Wetrooms are also suitable for older people with mobility problems. There is a wide range of wet room design ideas available, so you can make your wetroom unique to your design preferences.

A wetroom can be designed according to your budget and bathroom size. You will need to consult an experienced wetroom fitter to help develop your wetroom practically. You will need to think about keeping towels out of range of the shower spray. Washing sinks and toilets also need to be positioned out of the way of the water spray.

Do You Want to Install A Wet Room En Suite?

Wet rooms are a desirable feature for the modern home. Installing a wetroom can improve and add value to your home. There are many advantages of installing a wetroom into your home in place of your existing bathroom.

Many people wonder if they can install a wetroom in their home. The answer is yes in most cases. A wetroom En Suite can be installed in almost any home. Installing a wetroom includes tiling the bathroom area and removing the need for a shower tray and screen.

Contact Aquafix Bathroom Design today if you wish to install a wet room en suite on 020 388 332 09.


What Does A Wet Room Installation Cost?

A wetroom installation cost will depend on the style and materials used. Generally, a wetroom will cost between £5,000 - £10,000 to fit. The cost will go up if you wish to pay for the full tanking, installation, tiling and shower suite.

You will need to consider the style of your bathroom. The tiles that you choose can be of any pattern or material. Remember that if you decide to use porous tiles, they will need to be treated every few months. Non-porous tiles are usually the preferred option as they require little maintenance. You will also be able to decide on the shelving and shower fittings that you wish to install. There are various options available, and the fittings that you choose will effect the overall price of the installation.

The design of your wetroom can be created according to your specific budget. There is a wide range of designs and themes available and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you create your perfect wetroom.

Ask today about our great value bathroom installations.

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Serviced and repaired boiler.

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New kitchen finished.

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Work done very well. One slight problem concerning gas supply pipe which was put right when pointed out.


Aquafix Bathroom Design specialise in bathroom disabled accessibility.

We can design wetrooms to suit your specific needs. We specialise in disabled showers and
mobility wet rooms. This is the ideal solution for older people or disabled persons who
require extra help when bathing. If you are a wheelchair user, a wetroom can make it a lot
easier for you to use the bathroom. The main benefit of a wetroom is that there is no
shower tray to step into. You can create a level access floor into your shower to allow
for wheelchair accessibility.

When your mobility becomes reduced, even simple tasks can become hard work. Investing in a
disabled access wet room can make showering become enjoyable again. We offer a range of
accessibility options which include handrails and shower seats. Speak to our wetroom
design team to discuss how we can transform your bathroom into a mobility wet room. Our
disability wetrooms will consider your current needs but also think about the future
requirements. One of the most important considerations for a wetroom is safety. A non-slip
floor is essential to prevent slipping accidents when taking a shower.

Wetroom Solutions in Croydon

We can design a wetroom of any size, tailored to your bespoke requirements. Our professional wetroom fitter will waterproof the room to prevent any leaks causing water damage throughout the house. A poorly fitted wetroom can leak water and the damage can be costly to repair. The room will need to be tiled from the floor to the ceiling. This can be one of the most expensive parts of installing your wetroom, but it's vital that the water does not escape into the building structure.

Adding style and beauty to your wetroom is where you get the most satisfaction from the installation. The design and materials used can be as luxurious as your budget allows. If you have traditional central heating in the bathroom, it is a popular option to swap the radiator for a heated towel rail. This adds space to the bathroom while also offering a cosy home for your towels. You can also install underfloor heating when fitting your wetroom. It warms the floor tiles gently, making it perfect for cold mornings and will also evaporate excess moisture. Another consideration is air extraction. You may wish to install an extraction fan to reduce humidity. Modern extraction fans can begin working automatically when damp air is detected.

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Which are the
Best Wetroom Floor Tiles?

There is a range of options for wetroom flooring. Tiles are the most popular choice, but you
could also use sheet vinyl or Corian. These are non-porous materials which are low
maintenance options. Another idea is a waterproof plaster called Tadelakt with concrete.

There is a wide selection of wetroom tiles available, from large ceramic tiles or mosaic
style. You will also need to ensure that the flooring materials are non slip. You can use
non-slip tiles or vinyl to prevent accidents in the shower. If you choose to design your
wetroom using tiles, you need to select non-porous tiles such as porcelain or ceramic
tiles offer the best solution. If you wanted to use porous tiles like marble, slate or
limestone, then these will need to be sealed every few months so that they do not suffer
from water damage.

Another vital point to remember is that you should always use floor tiles for the flooring.
These tiles are made to be less slippy and therefore safer for walking on.


A professional installation designer will offer suggestions about the most suitable wetroom design for your needs. Support bars and grab rails will need to be placed in areas throughout the bathroom to allow easy access to the shower area. Access for a disabled user or a wheelchair user will need to be wider than that of an able-bodied person.