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Electrical Certificates, Inspections And Fault Finding

Electric appliances and systems must meet strict health and safety standards. It is essential that these are evaluated and examined on a regular basis. Aquafix Bathroom Design have a very competent group of electrical contractors. We can give a variety of expert electrical inspections and maintenance services. These are offered throughout Croydon, Bromley and South London.

The regularity of routine inspection and testing must be established taking into account:

  • The Type Of Installation
  • The External Influences To Which It Is Subjected
  • The Frequency And Quality Of Maintenance
  • Its Use And Operation

Fixed Wire Testing is a lawful demand for any organisation. This keeps you, your employees and visitors safe. This type of electric testing is obligatory by law. It ensures you are certified by the Health and Safety at the Office Act 1974 and the Electricity at the Office Regulations 1989.

You may hear the electric systems in your structure referred to as electrical installations. The regularity of testing needs to be determined. We will assess the installation’s use, procedure and the outside impacts to which it is subjected.

With leased household accommodation it is the Landlord’s duty to make sure that the property is safe. The electrical instalment and appliances offered by the proprietor must be safe when the occupancy begins. They should remain in good working order throughout the occupancy. At the start of the tenancy and throughout both need to be without risk of injury to lessees and residents.

The local authority can take action to apply electric security in household accommodation.
This is under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). Component P of the Building Regulations must be adhered to. It calls for that electrical installation work need to fulfil Building Regulation requirements. Therefore, the work has to either be pre-notified to the local authority. It must be carried out by a registered electrician under one of the Government approved systems.